ikan Onyx Bi-Color On-Camera LED Lights


With an output of roughly 100W at full power, and only drawing 15W, this bi-color light enables you to adjust the color temperature of the fixture’s output from 3200 to 5600K and features a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 96 in both Tungsten and Daylight. Power on/off, dimming, and color temperature buttons.

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  • 2-Person Portable Podcast Studio
  • Expandable to 6-Person Podcast
  • 2 x enCORE 100 Mics with Tabletop Stands
  • Broadcast-Quality Audio

This Zoom H6 Recorder Podcast Kit with Two enCORE 100 Mic brings the elements necessary to begin recording a 2-person podcast within minutes of opening the box. The Blue enCore 100 dynamic microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern that does a great job capturing speakers near the mic but without picking up unwanted sounds